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SlideRoom Goes Global

Thursday, December 15 2016

Over the past decade, SlideRoom has grown into a platform used by institutions around the world to accept and review applications and multimedia portfolios. With this in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of SlideRoom in datacenters all over the world. Bearing in mind different legal requirements for data storage, privacy, and server operations, our new SlideRoom environments are a first step in a broad global expansion. Each new environment is dedicated to serving the particular needs of our clients in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region. 

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Google Analytics for Tracking Applicants

Wednesday, March 16 2016

Adding SlideRoom to your Google Analytics account is a recent feature that launched with SlideRoom's Standard Plan last year. It allows you to see how applicants are finding your application portal and when they are visiting most often. Do they arrive from your email campaigns, tweets, facebook posts, ads, or somewhere else? Tracking referral sources is the best way to discover which of your promotional initiatives are paying off. 

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See How Your Applicants Code

Tuesday, February 09 2016


Many schools are beginning to accept STEM portfolios during the admissions process. Yale, MIT, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and others have made a place for projects demonstrating technical creativity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. About 60% of of those applicants submit designs and videos of apps they've made, so one of the most requested features has been to review corresponding code from Github.

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Introducing Our New Advanced Plan

Thursday, November 19 2015

SlideRoom is now offering an Advanced plan for organizations that need to see more data and have everything integrated tightly with their larger ecosystem of databases and services.  In addition to all of SlideRoom's Standard features, the Advanced plan includes the following:

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Introducing Our New Standard Plan

Thursday, November 19 2015

SlideRoom's new Standard pricing plan is a great fit for organizations who need more than a basic plan. The Standard plan offers unlimited programs, more powerful features, greater flexibility and better analytics. Here are a few highlights:

New SlideRoom Analytics 

Seeing applicants with greater clarity at the aggregate level and program level will help you understand your various applicant pools. The image above shows a new program-level report with real-time data outlining top rated applicants in that program, evaluation breakdown, and a worldmap showing the location of applicants. The map is zoomable, so clicking on the US will show a distribution by state.  

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API for Importing Attributes

Friday, November 13 2015

Do you have applicants in SlideRoom with important data located in another database? This might include official test scores, GPA, student IDs, and other attributes that live in a separate system. Now it's easy to consolidate that information mapped to the correct applicant in SlideRoom so everything can be present for your review process.

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Preview the New SlideRoom

Tuesday, July 14 2015

On September 1st, we'll be releasing the new front-end interface for reviewers and administrators in SlideRoom. We’ve been working all year to incorporate feedback and make everything even easier to use. The wide variety in types of people who use SlideRoom posed a unique challenge because we have small programs that only use the most basic features as well as immense institutions with complex feature and data needs. The same system has to work well for both. So, we've been working hard to present everything in a simple format, exposing more information and more options only when needed.

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Export Scheduler

Tuesday, May 19 2015

SlideRoom has just launched the new Export Scheduler feature. Up until now, organizations had to manually download this information whenever they wanted it, or they had to use our API. While the API is a great solution for organizations that have technical help, we understand it may not be a perfect solution for everyone. With that in mind, we have made it easy to schedule chosen data and documents to be exported to an individual computer, a cloud storage service, or via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) without the need of a developer.

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More Export Choices

Monday, April 20 2015

We understand that data portability between systems is a first-class issue. So, we have just released several major upgrades that include more cloud-based options for exporting as well as a new API that makes export automation even easier. 

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Your Most Requested "Feature"

Tuesday, December 16 2014

At the end of every calendar year, we have traditionally listed a summary of the top feature requests we have heard for SlideRoom. These consensus features have operated as our marching orders to make SlideRoom better every year. And we certainly have a similar list this year capturing requests for more control over branding, payment processing, automated exporting and more … so those are on the way!

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