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High School Counselor's Guide to SlideRoom

Wednesday, October 12 2016

High School Counselors and Teachers often reach out to us with questions about how they can help students who will be using SlideRoom to apply to colleges and universities. Now, there's an easy-to-use guide that any staff member can reference when guiding their students through the SlideRoom application process: "The High School Counselor's Guide to SlideRoom."

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Renewed Partnership with The Common Application for Portfolios

Tuesday, August 16 2016

We have just renewed our longstanding partnership with The Common Application to support portfolios during the admissions process. Our collective goal is to expand access to college by creating a convenient way to submit and review personally meaningful projects.

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CommonApp Data Integration with Multiple SlideRoom Accounts

Tuesday, March 01 2016

Many schools are beginning to ask for portfolios from across a spectrum of disciplines, not just the visual arts. These can include music, theater, architecture, science, engineering, film and many other departments. Because of this, larger schools with different departments and teams sometimes choose to have data integration with multiple SlideRoom accounts. This allows each team to function independently during portfolio review.

So how do we also keep the process simple for applicants? While our guide shows a step-by-step process for schools that only have one SlideRoom account, the following is an example showing how USC connects all seven SlideRoom accounts under a single Common App member identity.

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Common Application Renaming “Art Supplement” to “Portfolio”

Tuesday, August 04 2015

In 2012, SlideRoom formed an exclusive partnership for Common App schools to accept and evaluate “creative” materials. Over the last 3 years, we’ve facilitated review for millions of images, videos and other supplements used to demonstrate creative skill. We've also heard from many “non-artistic” departments looking to accept evidence of projects and work that would not normally be seen as “artistic.” 

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Viewing the Common App

Tuesday, June 24 2014

Using SlideRoom, schools can import and review applicants who have applied via the Common Application. This includes the nightly import of data and PDFs for each application via the Scheduled Delivery Service (SDS). Once imported, SlideRoom can be used to search, read, and evaluate applicants. SlideRoom's API can then be used to automate the export of data for direct integration with your SIS or other backend systems.

Because SlideRoom is web-based, the whole experience is easy to setup and pleasant to use. The traditional option of on-premise document imaging systems requires expensive data transfer middleware and VPN infrastructure for remote readers to review applications. SlideRoom's enterprise cloud solution and beautiful interface makes navigation, viewing, and evaluation a much more convenient experience.

View the resource guide for details about setup and configuration.

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Complete Guide to SlideRoom's Integration with Common App

Wednesday, May 14 2014

As we enter the second year of SlideRoom's partnership with The Common Application, we are excited to share several important updates as well as a complete guide for member schools wanting to understand how the integration for the two systems work across multiple touchpoints.

View the complete guide here.

The big announcement at the Common App's conference last week was that all member schools of the Common App can receive the data integration. This was previously limited to Exclusive II members, but is now available for all. SlideRoom's standard pricing remains in effect, but XII schools do receive a waiver of our yearly license fee. Here are a few highlights about the integration:

  • Applicants are given a smooth bridge to transition from Common App into SlideRoom.
  • Data is passed from CommonApp to SlideRoom to ensure everything is reliably connected.
  • Key Common App data is displayed within SlideRoom automatically.
  • The Common App export will include a direct link to an applicant's portfolio in SlideRoom.

Additionally, schools can opt into using Common App's Scheduled Delivery Service (SDS) to import the CommonApp as data and PDF on a nightly basis for a beautiful viewing experience.

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Visualizing the Applicant Experience from CommonApp through your SlideRoom Portal

Thursday, July 25 2013

This post is to help Common App member schools visualize an applicant's workflow, particularly when the applicant links from Common App to a school's SlideRoom account for adding an art supplement. Note that the pictures below are only accurate for Exclusive II members of Common App, which has this integration turned on.

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CommonApp members: Setup your SlideRoom account

Monday, June 03 2013

Setting up a new SlideRoom account is very easy. To get started, register here. Choose any features you think are needed and then continue with providing your contact information. Check the box that your school is a CommonApp member.

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CommonApp and SlideRoom

Saturday, April 13 2013

This Summer 2013, CommonApp is launching the 4th version of their system which will be completely web-based and offer a variety of new enhancements. We are pleased to announce that CommonApp has chosen SlideRoom as their exclusive partner to handle arts supplements. This means schools hosting an undergraduate admissions process which require a creative portfolio can use SlideRoom and CommonApp together.

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