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Integrate SlideRoom with Salesforce

Tuesday, October 18 2016

With Salesforce's surging presence in the edtech sector, more SlideRoom customers will likely be using Salesforce for their SIS and CRM needs. With that in mind, we wanted to let you know that SlideRoom fully integrates with your Salesforce instance. This includes setting up automated exports from SlideRoom to send Salesforce designated data and files on a scheduled basis.

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Administrator's Guide to SlideRoom

Friday, October 14 2016


SlideRoom's design makes it easy to use, but new users may benefit from an overview that helps them get started. When a new customer signs up for a SlideRoom account, we want them to have a guide that they can refer back to when needed; a guide they can download, print out, and access anywhere. With that in mind, we've created "Tips for Getting Started as a New SlideRoom Administrator."

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Applicant's Guide to SlideRoom

Friday, October 14 2016

Applying to college can be daunting, overwhelming, and frustrating. Colleges that use SlideRoom make the process easier and more streamlined, but you still need to know where to begin. With that in mind, we've created "Tips for Getting Started as a New SlideRoom Applicant." 

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High School Counselor's Guide to SlideRoom

Wednesday, October 12 2016

High School Counselors and Teachers often reach out to us with questions about how they can help students who will be using SlideRoom to apply to colleges and universities. Now, there's an easy-to-use guide that any staff member can reference when guiding their students through the SlideRoom application process: "The High School Counselor's Guide to SlideRoom."

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NACAC 2016: Portfolios Highlight a Changing Concept of Creativity

Tuesday, September 27 2016

SlideRoom frequently receives inquiries from High School teachers and counselors asking how they can help creative students showcase their skills as they are applying to college. The following letter is one example:

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NACAC 2016: Admissions Portfolios - Lessons from Early Adopters

Monday, September 26 2016

At this year's NACAC conference, we hosted a panel discussion about the growing importance of portfolios within admissions. While art schools have always asked for artifacts of achievement, STEM fields are beginning to experiement with this admissions practice. We asked representatives from MIT and Carnegie Mellon to share some lessons they have learned over the past few years. The themes that emerged included logistics, evaluation, and the general motivation behind recognizing creativity in all fields.

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Renewed Partnership with The Common Application for Portfolios

Tuesday, August 16 2016

We have just renewed our longstanding partnership with The Common Application to support portfolios during the admissions process. Our collective goal is to expand access to college by creating a convenient way to submit and review personally meaningful projects.

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Portfolios for College Admissions?

Monday, August 15 2016

Over the past decade, portfolios have become a standard part of the application process at many institutions of higher education. Schools of all sizes and selectivity rates use portfolios, but others have been holding back because of concerns about how to incorporate portfolio review into their application and evaluation process.

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Designing a More Equitable Africa

Tuesday, June 28 2016

Africa's rapid population growth requires new thinking about how to support the infastructure development that will be needed in light of the projected surge. The World Bank estimates that by 2050, 1.2 billion people will be living in urban areas throughout Africa. According to MASS Design Group, there will be a need for 85,000 clinics, 310,000 schools, and 700 million housing units in the coming years. That means three-quarters of the buildings Africa needs have not yet been built. 

This is a challenge that MASS Design Group hopes to solve through the African Design Center Fellowship, its first-ever educational initiative. With its main office in Kigali, Rwanda, the Center is already being called "The Bauhaus of Africa," and it aims to train the next generation of African architects. 

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Curated Portfolios from Across the Web

Monday, June 06 2016

Increasingly individuals are storing their creative work online, not on their personal computers. Sites like GitHub, YouTube, Medium, SketchFab, Etsy, and LinkedIn all operate as repositories for creative content. Today, SlideRoom will allow applicants to embed their creative content from almost anywhere across the Web into their SlideRoom application. They simply need to paste a link as a response to an application question or as part of their portfolio collection. When the media is available for display, like a video or a tweet, that item will fully display within the page. In cases like articles and blog posts, a rich preview will display and link directly to that content online.

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